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Hello Friends!

Hopefully, this weather will quickly change back to the beautiful weather we have had recently! I hope this email find you and your family well, as we will be gearing up really soon for the Holidays!

Any of you that coach, or remember your favorite coach, can appreciate what I would like to take the next few moments to share with you.

As a wife and mom, it has been especially fun to witness this Fall soccer season that recently ended. As many of you might know, Tony, has an absolute passion about coaching our daughters’ soccer and basketball teams! He works very hard as a real estate broker, but has this second calling.

Tony prepares for his practices and games how most World Cup coaches prepare…lol! (These are 14 and under girls!). He truly enjoys researching new coaching tips and strategies, as well as watching the previous games that I so poorly videotape. Then, he utilizes his findings to help the girls prepare for their next match.

Often times, especially when soccer season and basketball season overlap those few weeks, you would see Tony hussle (5 huge equipment bags and all!) from one practice to make it just in time for the next practice. He was always eager to coach the girls, no matter how long of a day it had been.

It was amazing to watch how all of the girls on the two soccer teams looked to Coach Tony as the one who would help them master that new skill, make them laugh at practice while being silly, and make them love the game even more! The encouraging words from the parents are always appreciated, too.

As mentioned above, it was especially fun to watch Coach Tony lead the Cheetahs soccer team (8 and 9 year old girls; our youngest daughter, Lina, is on this team) to an amazing 8-0 season!!

Tony has been working with this same group of girls for about the last 6 seasons, patiently coaching them to help them become amazing players! He has helped them master their positions, talk to one another on the field, anticipate what the opposing player’s next move is going to be, and above all, absolutely love to go out on the field and tear it up like you wouldn’t believe!!

Just wanted to take a moment to recognize Tony’s passion and heart, not only towards helping people achieve their real estate goals, but also helping children realize their potential on the soccer fields and basketball courts!

Thanks for reading!

Please let Tony or I know if we can help you or a friend, or family member, tackle some real estate goals. Tony’s email is: His cell phone is: 248-613-4919. My contact information is below.

Happy early Holidays!

Take Care,
Lisa Haviland
Director of Marketing
Haviland Real Estate
Cell phone: 248-766-4470

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LinaontopofworldNO ONE CAN STOP ME!!

Hi Friends!

Do you remember the last day you felt this victorious? On top of the world? Like no one could stop you? That’s exactly what I captured last Sunday at the soccer fields.  My daughter, Lina, and her friends decided to build a fort while passing time as her older sister’s soccer game was going on.

With a skillful Momma’s eye, I was able to keep a close eye on Lina and her friends, as they were constructing the coolest, most creative fort ever, as well as watching every amazing kick and play my daughter, and soccer defender, Jewels, was making on the field in front of me.

The Civic Center soccer fields are set up on a beautiful huge piece of property. The largest field, the one Jewels and her amazing team, Freaks United, were playing on, is located near the woods and a large clearing where “the fort” was constructed.

I watched Lina and two of her soccer buddies work as a team, full of laugher, smiles, and 8 and 9 year old craziness! They truly had a system to go and locate these huge branches (much taller than themselves) from the edge of the woods, work together to get the branches to balance against each other like a tepee, all in an unbelievable increasing order. With every added branch (over 20 in all!), I noticed the feeling of victory, accomplishment, and overall complete, utter happiness and joy, filling each of these girls up!

I noticed other game spectators also begin to take notice in what the 3 buddies were accomplishing. I heard comments such as, “Wow,” ….”Look at how huge those branches are!….”  “They are so creative…!”.  “Look at what their imaginations are driving them to accomplish….”  “No video games needed here”…..

So, the teamwork continued for about 45 more minutes (both on the field and at the edge of the woods:-).  I continued to watch with pride and awe as these girls thought they were simply building a fun fort, but I knew they were building up much more. They were fueling their confidence, friendship, intelligence, innocence, and much more!

….To be a kid truly is being victorious, on top of the world, with no one able to stop you! So, what are you waiting for? Go out and be a bid kid! ,

Lisa Haviland is Director of Marketing at Haviland Real Estate, lives in Waterford, MI, and is a mom of 3 amazing girls and a 2 year old Goldendoodle.

LED holiday lights vs. old-fashioned bulbs: 6 tips to help you decide which is right for you.

1. LED holiday lights save you money. LED lights use at least 90% less energy than traditional holiday lights, according to the U.S. government’s Energy Star program. That results in a $50 energy savings for the average family during the holidays, says Avital Binshtock of the Sierra Club in San Francisco. Put it into perspective: The amount of electricity consumed by one 7-watt incandescent bulb could power 140 LEDs—enough to light two 24-foot strings, says Energy Star.

2. But LED lights typically cost more than old-fashioned holiday lights. GE 100-bulb string of Energy Star-certified LED white lights: $18.97 at Lowe’s GE 100-bulb string of conventional white lights: $8.97 But shop around because a growing number of retailers are offering sales on LED holiday lights and, if you can’t find a sale before the holidays, you can certainly find one after. Plus, prices will surely go down as these lights gain traction.

3. LED holiday lights last and last. LED bulbs can keep your season bright for as long as 100,000 hours, says Cathy Choi, president of Moonachie, N.J.-based Bulbrite, which manufactures LED and regular bulbs. That’s substantially longer than the life of your old holiday light strings.

4. You can string a BIG strand of LED lights. Safety wise, you shouldn’t connect more than three traditional light strings, but you can connect up to 87 LED holiday light strings, totaling a whopping 1,500 feet, Choi says. So blow your neighbor’s display away by cocooning your house in lights: You won’t have to buy as many extension cords. You can take your holiday lighting display further away from the outlet.

5. LED lights reduce the risk of fire. They stay cooler than incandescent bulbs, according to Energy Star.

6. How about that hue? Some people stick with their old lights because they don’t like the brighter hue that white LED holiday lights emit. But Choi says manufacturers now offer a “warm white” bulb that more closely mimics the glow of an incandescent light. Be sure to read the label to choose a bright or warm white and to ensure what you’re purchasing is Energy Star-certified. Colored and color-changing LED holiday lights are more vibrant than conventional lights, making your display easier to see from the street, Choi says.

September 20, 2011

Dear Friends,

Summer is definitely on its way out, but a great Fall awaits, especially with respect to Real Estate. 

You can sell your home or Real Estate for more than you think!

If you have a cute clean home, or piece of property, and want to sell it, DON’T HESITATE!  Go for it!!

I’ve been telling every friend and client that sharp houses (or houses at least in decent shape) are getting multiple bids from buyers and SELLING LIKE HOTCAKES!


I am currently selling nice primary residences and well cared for investments that were bought less than 2 years ago — for up to 15% in profit for owners.  According to popular media, that’s almost impossible! But it’s happening all around you. 

These results are not always typical, but if you give me a quick call, I can explain the “how and why” that make this possible. 

  For Example:

  • Most builders quit or phased out the building of new homes around 2004, so nice clean homes are difficult to find – but these are the types of homes buyers are looking for!

Looking to get into a bigger home?  Need a different location but have been stuck due to values?  Want a lakefront or a vacation home?  Now is the time to take advantage of the interest rates and go for it!


As Always, I look forward to hearing from you,

Tony Haviland

Broker/Owner, Haviland Real Estate

Cell: 248-613-4919